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Cookies per domain

Cookies per domain

Advanced metrics

Advanced metrics

How does this work?

This service visits the URL you enter and gives you various statistics about the website. There are many speedtest tools out there, but this speedtest has one unique feature: For one visit it's just running Chrome normally. For the other we still use Chrome, but then with the uBlock Origin extension loaded.

Are you looking for some examples? Check a random selection of URLs that have been tested.

Don't just test the homepage of a website. Definitely try sub pages like articles etc.

Warning: pre-alpha state

This service is in a pre-alpha state and might crash, or the queue can fill up when everybody is testing. The queue is sometimes cleaned up. You can always give it a try :-).

It looks like websites download a lot of stuff I don't need!

Yes, that's what you get for not using an ad blocker.

How is energy consumption measured?

For now this test only displays the estimated Watt Hour for transferring the bytes of the web page. Source. Data transfer is not all it takes to run ads, there is also data crunching happening on servers and rendering of the ads on clients. This means the estimated Wh could actually be higher, but I need more sources for that. Please email me!

What technology is used?

This service uses nginx, node, puppeteer, redis, chrome on a xvfb display and of course ublock origin. For now only the default filters are enabled for uBlock Origin. Xvfb is needed because headless chrome cannot load plugins. Firefox support might be supported in the future. Git repos coming up soon.

Is this an alternative to pingdom or dotcom tools?

No, please use their services to test your website speed. Use this service to test your ad implementation, or as proof to others they should use an ad blocker.

This service needs a slogan, a better title and more exciting explanation.

If you want to help, please join on HN.

What about: please consider the environment before loading a bunch of ads on your website.

Check the weight of your ad implementation.

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Please read this book and help save the planet.

Save the planet, use an Ad Blocker.


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